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Easy, no fuss, straight to the point educational videos centered around your busy, career-driven lifestyle to help you stand out whether your'e speaking from your computer screen at home or speaking in front of hundreds on stage!


Impactful Makeup

step by step instructional makeup videos on REAL women who look like you


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how to videos on fashion and styling to elevate your style & confidence


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virtual styling consultations to understand your personal challenges

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The Main Attraction Beauty & Styling Studio is an online membership for influential and professional women providing on-demand fashion and makeup instructional videos that teaches how to not look boring for life's iconic moments.


As a leader, you know that you have to show up every day like a powerhouse to get the respect you deserve and to be taken seriously. 


You also know you don't always have enough time to hire a makeup artist nor gamble with last minute shopping, especially for those opportunities that "pop up"! 


I'm sure you could share with me at least one bad experience with a last minute appointment at a makeup counter. 


Just a waste of your money and even more of your limited time! 


And if you're traveling to a conference, your frustration with last minute shopping at the mall, online or in your closet is all the same because you don't know where to start so you end of packing everything and still lack wow factor!  


One thing you do know is no matter how big or small your next opportunity is, you have to show up with a consistent look because you never know who's watching you during all your success! 


After all, you're always the main attraction!

These are not your average Youtube videos.

These videos are thoughtfully curated by pro beauty expert, Jaylynn Wallace, who has worked with tons of national recognized award-winning women. 


She gets you!


She wants to show you how you don't have to do the most in order to stand out... unless you really want to!


    With this membership, you'll get:

    • Monthly step by step demos on real women with relatable skin tones, types & eye shapes

    • Monthly look and learn videos on a mannequin so you can learn how to dress for your body type and height

    • Quarterly 60 minute live recorded styling sessions to polish your wardrobe for each season


    They know how important it is to leverage their image for speaking opportunities to expand their reach. Yes, it's true that their time is limited. However, regardless of time constraints, looking basic is never an option.

      " Jaylynn is the ULTIMATE Pro Beauty Expert! If you want to show up to your next speaking engagement or photoshoot on brand and on 🔥🔥🔥. Jaylynn is who you’ll want to tell you what to do...ijs."


      Audra Lowray-Upchurch

      Master Anthologist

      Jaylynn has such a warm spirit! I felt like we were old friends from the moment we connected. Having her is a necessary investment----- she modernized my look yet kept it feminine working in a male dominant field!

      Leslie Satchell

      Athlete Development Consultant


      Let me share with you common beauty & fashion myths that's got you stuck.

      1. You have to spend a lot of time doing your makeup for a complete look.
      2. Wearing looser clothes makes you look smaller.
      3. Your clothes have to match for them to "go together."
      4. Darker skin tones (or fairer skin tones) should stay away from color.
      5. You need to wear black to look professional or to be taken seriously.

      All you need to learn is the HOW to stand out and I'm here to teach you just that!





      In a world where business and personal lines are blurred, use your style to keep you in focus. Take a look at how my girls show up like powerhouses in front of their audience!

      styling for brand photoshoot

      makeup for personal live event

      styling for business meeting

      makeup & styling for day event

      makeup & stying for webinar

      shopping for new brand image

      Are You Ready To Take Control Over The Way You Look? 

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      If you are a speaker, author, coach, influencer or expert who needs a professional style with an edge, this at-home beauty and styling studio is for you!















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      Using her natural charisma and sense of fashion, Jaylynn always has the natural ability to captivate any room she enters. She quickly began to gain a national clientele with influential women who trusted her with their image to do the same for them.  


      After following her heart with a degree Fashion Merchandising at Old Dominion University and a M.A. in media and television at Regent University, just one year later she found herself working on photoshoot sets for songstress Lalah Hathaway and BET’s Sunday’s Best finalist Alexis Spight. Later, she'd be featured on Essence Magazine’s website for top Instagram’s Magic Makeover and nominated twice for ACHI makeup artist of the year.


      Today, you can find her creative directing brand campaigns, hosting online educational trainings and providing on-location makeup and wardrobe stying services for award winning national recognized business leaders. 


      Jaylynn, owner of Rated Pretty Girl Makeup Artistry, provides luxury beauty and styling services for female leaders to attract her ideal high end clients.


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